A comprehensive compilation of companies in the process and chemicals industries and their supporting industries.



Singapore's Chemicals Cluster Sailed Along in 2015

Singapore’s chemicals cluster’s output volume continued to grow in 2015 – by 3.9 per cent. It rounded off the year with a strong 5.4 per cent output volume growth in the fourth quarter, boosted by a double-digit spurt in November on the back of robust expansions in the petrochemicals and petroleum segments. The addition of new plants in the specialty chemicals segment led ...more

Pharmaceuticals Output Rise

Singapore’s pharmaceuticals manufacturing output in value terms rose by 5 per cent to S$17.75 billion in 2015, compared to S$16.89 billion in 2014. It contributed 6.3 per cent to the total national manufacturing gross domestic product (GDP). This was against the overall trend of the biomedical cluster, which saw its output value decline to S$28 billion from S$28.18 billion f ...more

Downside Risks Have Become a Reality that Continues to Bite

Warnings of downside risks have been bandied about since early 2015, and continues to this day as the damaging effect of the slump in oil prices, a stubborn stagnant global economy, and dragging geo-political instability in some parts of the world tore through the oil and gas and marine industries. For the process supporting industry the warnings had become a reality in 20 ...more