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17 Jalan Besut
Singapore 619570
Tel: (65) 6460 0280
Fax: (65) 6264 6973
Website: www.hpa-usa.com

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Nature of Business

Your one-stop-shop for SAFE and EFFICIENT reactor turnarounds

Hydroprocessing Associates is a global full service catalyst and reactor maintenance company with facilities strategically located around the world in order to meet industry demands. Our state-of-the-art equipment, trained workforce, and the ongoing improvement of our life support systems and operating procedures allows for safe project execution in a timely and efficient manner. Over the years we have served countless industries and clients. In the process we have successfully developed specialised equipment and techniques to effectively unload catalyst for various reactors and processes.

Our core business focuses on offering specialised equipment and personnel for the purpose of providing niche reactor services to a broad range of industries including oil & gas, exploration & refining, petrochemical, mining, fertiliser plants, power plants, and utilities. Additionally we provide specialised internal repairs and catalyst dense loading services.

With the sole license to a catalyst dense loading device designed by Chevron, further improved by HPA, and registered as the HYDROPAC®, Hydroprocessing Associates has become the preferred vendor for dense loading services throughout the industry. Our work is usually required during plant shutdowns as well as during emergencies and online reactor problems such as high delta pressure. HPA is globally positioned in Singapore and the United States of America. Therefore, we can offer our services virtually anywhere in the world at a moment's notice.

• ISO 9001
• OHSAS 18001
• bizSAFE Level Star

Our services:
• Reactor Turnkey Services
• Catalyst Handling Services
  - HYDROPAC® Dense Loading
• Mechanical Services
• Cleaning For Inspection
  - CleanerBlast™ Machine


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