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Director, Energy and Chemicals Cluster, JTC Corporation

MS04_JTC_PixThe year 2020 has seen significant disruption to many industries, including the Process Construction and Maintenance (PCM) sector. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented challenges globally, with adverse impacts on supply chains, availability of manpower, and demand for chemicals and refined crude oil products. Throughout this period, ASPRI has strongly represented the interests of the sector and worked effectively with its members, plant owners and the government to overcome these challenges. We will continue to tap on these close relationships to address ongoing challenges that the sector faces.

In the midst of this slump lie great opportunities for the PCM sector to transform and emerge more competitive than before. During the COVID-19 circuit breaker period, the industry experienced structural limitations associated with the lack of digital tools, and was faced with the sudden need for digital transformation to ensure business survival and growth. To this end, ASPRI plays an instrumental role in driving transformation initiatives with its deep understanding of the sector, extensive connections to PCM companies, and close ties with the government and plant owners. JTC’s ‘Industry Connect’ initiative helps businesses grow through fostering collaborative partnerships among businesses, enablers, academia and government agencies. To aid technology adoption and solutioning, JTC has provided numerous opportunities for companies to better understand what technology enablers have to offer through seminars and demonstrations, and to tap on their expertise regarding digitalisation strategies. In tandem with ASPRI, we continue to explore partnerships with Industry 4.0 technology providers to develop targeted and appropriate solutions for PCM companies that can enhance capabilities and productivity. At the same time, we are establishing more interconnected networks among industry, academia and the government to strengthen companies’ access to talent. This will involve virtual industry fairs to facilitate targeted job-matching, webinars and other engagements to raise awareness of available government support, and talent development programmes for upskilling of workers in the coming year.

While striving towards economic resilience, we are also acutely aware of the need to contribute to environmental sustainability. With this in mind, JTC had embarked on a sustainability campaign in 2019 – the Greening Jurong Island Initiative. This aimed to garner the support of the Jurong Island community and its partners through the raising of funds to plant 30,000 trees around the island by 2022. Apart from lowering temperatures on the island, this would also create an attractive work environment for all. We are proud to share that ASPRI and more than 20 of its members have collectively raised almost $165,000 in monetary contributions to this initiative.

The PCM sector plays a vital role in the success of the process industries, and has great potential to bring about improvements in cost, efficiency, reliability and safety in its services and activities. With ASPRI at the forefront helping to drive business transformation initiatives, we are certain that the sector will play an increasingly important role not just in reinforcing Jurong Island’s competitiveness as a global energy and chemicals hub, but more critically Singapore’s position as a choice investment location.

We look forward to seeing continued significant contributions of the PCM sector, and to deepening our long-standing partnership with ASPRI. We wish the association and its members great success in the years ahead.”

Cindy Koh
Director, Energy & Chemicals Cluster, JTC Corporation