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Director, Precision Engineering, Marine & Offshore and Engineering Services Enterprise Singapore

MS03_ES_PixThe Process Construction and Maintenance (PCM) sector contributes to a vibrant Energy and Chemicals Industry in Singapore by delivering reliable and efficient construction, maintenance and turnaround for facilities on Jurong Island and the mainland. As the platform linking its members, plant owners, and the Government, ASPRI is a key enabler helping the sector to remain competitive through transformation and capability building.

The year 2020 started off on an optimistic note for the sector, with stable oil prices and several expansion projects in the pipeline. Then the global COVID-19 pandemic hit, impacting all aspects of our economy significantly, among them the PCM sector. The sector had to swiftly adapt to new regulations and work processes, in order to continue operations and provide a safe environment for its employees. ASPRI has made commendable efforts in leading and helping its members adjust to the new operating environment. These include facilitating discussions between plant owners, PCM contractors and agencies to develop industry guidelines that enabled workers to work in different cohorts, organising webinars to familiarise the sector with Safe Management Measures and rolling out e-learning modules for Safe Management Officers, to name a few.

The PCM sector’s transformation will be accelerated by the disruptions and challenges brought about by COVID-19. Companies must press on with their transformation efforts, and invest more efforts and resources to further improve on their work processes and reduce reliance on manual manpower. An example would be the ongoing effort between ASPRI, IMDA and Enterprise Singapore to develop an Industry Digital Plan to quicken and support the sector’s adoption of digital tools to enhance efficiency and safety.

ASPRI’s role has proven to be even more important in challenging times like this. With ASPRI as a strong partner, we will together build a PCM sector that is even more capable, resilient, mechanised and digitalised for the future.

Simon Lim
Director, Precision Engineering, Marine & Offshore and Engineering Services Enterprise Singapore