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Message by Director, Energy and Chemicals Cluster, JTC Corporation

1139_1ASPRI has been pivotal in driving productivity growth in the Process, Construction and Maintenance (PCM) sector. The association’s Integrated Training Centre, for example, has offered quality training to the PCM sector that has helped upskill the PCM workforce. ASPRI has also been playing an important role in representing the interests of the local PCM companies during regular dialogues between industry players, ASPRI and various agencies including JTC. The valuable inputs provided by the association has helped coordinate stakeholder efforts in productivity improvements and drive positive changes in the industry.

ASPRI has been a key and valued partner in JTC’s efforts in strengthening Jurong Island’s competitiveness. For example, JTC is working with ASPRI to explore the concept of co-locating essential supporting service providers on Jurong Island to improve operational efficiency and better serve plant owners and contractors in their business needs.

JTC will also be working with ASPRI to study potential areas of systems level optimisation in the transportation of contractors’ equipment, goods and personnel in and out of Jurong Island. This will help us to explore solutions to achieve greater efficiency for contractor logistics and people movement flows and enhance business competitiveness for the PCM sector in the longer term.

We look forward to deepening our partnership with ASPRI and wish the association continued success in the years ahead.”

Cindy Koh
Director, Energy and Chemicals Cluster,
JTC Corporation