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Analysers are instruments which chemically analyse matters such as solids, liquids or gases. The analysis of gases and vapours is critical to many processes within the chemical industry. Analysers can be both manual, where samples are brought by an operator to the analyser or can be automatic, where analysers have already been connected to processes. The latter is known as online or inline analysers.… More

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• Field Instrument Calibration and Maintenance • Analyser Setup & Trouble Shooting • Load Cell Calibration • Preventive/Correct Maintenance & Plant Shut Down Maintenance • Assist in Plant Commissioning and Start Up Services • Loop Checking and Pre-commissioning/Commissioning… More

Metrohm Singapore, a subsidiary of Metrohm Group, serves as a regional support centre of Asia. We provide the following process analytical products & solutions: Titration: Acidity, alkalinity, water content in hydrocarbon, mercaptans, hydrogen sulphide… More

Sintech Scientific Promotes Mitsubishi Chemical Analytech CA-310, High Spec & Performance Karl Fischer Moisture Meter Convertible between coulometric and volumetric measurements, up to 4 channels simultaneously. Comply to official analytical methods… More