A comprehensive compilation of companies in the process and chemicals industries and their supporting industries.

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Plant Design & Construction, Plant Maintenance, Process Design, Equipment Installation, Building Construction, Civil Works, Catalyst Dump/Load, Electrical, Piping Works

Plant Design & Construction, Plant Maintenance, Building Construction

Building Construction, Engineering, Insulation, Piping Works, Scaffolding

Exchangers, Plant Design & Construction, Plant Maintenance, Equipment Installation, Electrical, Testing & Inspection, Fibreglass Lamination, Instrumentation, Heavy Lifts, Rotating Equipment, Scaffolding, Timber works

Testing & Inspection, Non Destructive Testing

Plant Maintenance, Plant Design & Construction, Building Construction

Bolt Tensioning/Torqueing, Equipment Installation, Exchangers, Heavy Lifts, Insulation, Painting/Grit Blasting, Rotating Equipment, Scaffolding, Valves Servicing & Repairs, Vessel/Tank Cleaning

Plant Maintenance, Equipment Installation, Marine Works, Rotating Equipment, Engineering