A comprehensive compilation of companies in the process and chemicals industries and their supporting industries.

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Building Construction, Civil Works, Piping Works, Plant Design & Construction, Plant Maintenance

Chemical Cleaning (Industrial), Exchangers, Piping Works, Pressure Jetting, Tankages, Vessel/Tank Cleaning, Plant Maintenance, Sludge Treatment, oil flushing, pigging, ice blasting, nitrogen drying for industrial equipment, oxygen system, decontamination… More

Plant Design & Construction, Plant Maintenance, Marine Works, Welding, Testing & Inspection, Piping Works, Exchangers, Shop Fabrication, Tankages, Vessel/Tank Cleaning, Training/Work Skill Qualifications, NDT

Building Construction, Plant Design & Construction, Plant Maintenance, Civil Works, Exchangers, Electrical, Instrumentation, Marine Works, Testing & Inspection, Rotating Equipment, Training/Work Skill Qualifications, Geotechnical Consultancy

Heavy Lifts, Vessel/Tank Cleaning, Logistics Providers, Container depot services

Vessel/Tank Cleaning, Painting/Grit Blasting, Transportation

Electrical, Instrumentation, Piping Works, Plant Maintenance, Rotating Equipment, Testing & Inspection

Civil Works, Plant Maintenance, Electrical, Instrumentation, Sludge Treatment

Building Construction, Civil Works

Electrical, Marine Works, Tankages, Vessel/Tank Cleaning, Construction Engineering, Instrumentation, Equipment Installation