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Catalyst Handling Services

Catalyst Handling involves entering vessels or reactors which contain basic molecular sieves, activated alumina, cobalt and platinum catalysts, all of which need to be removed in conjunction with reactor internals. Once removed, repairs to reactor internals can take place before new or regenerated catalyst is reloaded and internals replaced. Examples of catalyst handling services include vessel entry,… More

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• Pre-commissioning visit here • Shutdowns and Turnarounds visit here • Mechanical & Plant Maintenance visit here • Catalyst Handling visit here • CR Asia Decoking Technology visit here • Chemical Cleaning & Decontamination visit here • High Pressure… More

Your one-stop-shop for SAFE and EFFICIENT reactor turnarounds Hydroprocessing Associates is a global full service catalyst and reactor maintenance company with facilities strategically located around the world in order to meet industry demands. Our… More

Perform full range of piping works - fabrication & installation; repair & maintenance. Experience in handling - PVC, carbon steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel, super duplex and copper nickel, pipes. Also able to perform catalyst unloading/loading… More

Plant construction, maintenance, equipment installation, rotating equipment, exchangers. Member of ASPRI