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Refractory material is a heat resistant, and non-metallic substance that is suitable for use at high temperature in engineering and furnace construction industries which include boiler, cremator, shipbuilding, refinery and many more related industries.… More



We provide a wide variety of monolithic refractories to meet the needs of customers in an extensive range of fields. Our Product Management for the refractory are tested according to stringent standards, and also subjected to traceability tests. Using… More



We provide services in evaluating, designing and deploying monitoring and control systems based on Wireless and IoT technologies. This allows for fast and flexible deployment without having to rely on wired lines and civil works. These solutions enable… More


KPW Singapore Pte Ltd Is a People's - Company with rich experience and technical know-how in mechanical works; drawn from staff and workforce whom have been working in Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Refinery projects both in Singapore and Thailand.… More


Laser alignment Assembly and installation of heavy equipment Service, maintenance and overhaul on rotating equipment, oil & gas industrial, power plant and chemical plant Rental of tools for plant maintenance More

FSME is a qualified engineering services partner to some of the biggest names in the petrochemical and refinery industries, recognised for delivering projects on time and on budget. Our comprehensive services include serving our customers as main service… More

Kim Technology & Systems Engineering Pte Ltd emphasise a lot on synergy and we strive on esprit de corps, which play a big part in powering our employees to promulgate our potential on any projects. With more than 30 years of experience, we specialises… More

PUB-licensed plumbers for potable water & sanitary installation Specialists in the installation of FRP, GRE, GRP, PVC, PVDF, ABS, PP, CPVC & HDPE process pipings Mechanical installation

Plant Maintenance, Plant Design & Construction, Equipment Installation, Welding, Valves Servicing & Repairs, Testing & Inspection, Instrumentation, Training/Work Skill Qualifications, Heavy Lifts, Piping Works, Painting/Grit Blasting, Electrical, Engineering… More

Erection, Procurement, Construction and Maintenance (EPCM) including commissioning of equipment for Power Plant, Petrochemical Plant, Oil & Gas, District Cooling Plants, Water Industry, Photovoltaics Plant which include mechanical, electrical, control,… More