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ISO Tanks - Leasing

Due to the possibly hazardous nature of many chemicals in the Process and Chemicals industry, it is imperative that containers used to store and ship these materials meets ISO standards. There are a variety of ISO tanks (both standard and acid ISO) available for lease with various properties to match needs. These include insulation, features that allow for temperature control, protective linings,… More


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20 and 40 foot ISO/UN Portable tank containers Global availability Longest hold times available in the market High capacity tanks ranging from 20,000 to 46,000 liters Tanks for LNG, CO 2 , Nitrogen, Argon, Oxygen, Ethane, Ethylene and other cryogenic… More



• Liquid Tank   - With global approvals, low tare weight, handle with forklift   - Capacity: 450/110/2500L   - Working pressure: 4 bar to 20 bar   - Multiple specification options   • 10’ ISO Tank   - Full frame design, low tare weight, insulated and… More

Duta Freight International Pte Ltd (DUTA) was incorporated in Singapore on 27th June 1998. Our principal activities are shipping and forwarding, land transportation, warehousing and distribution. DUTA specialises in the handling of cargo to and from… More