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Laboratory Equipment & Supplies

Successful laboratories require a wide range of equipment and supplies whose quality, accuracy and robustness can be trusted and depended on. Types of laboratory equipment include autoclaves, bead baths, blenders, centrifuges, coolers and chillers, dry block heaters, furnaces, heating mantles, homogenisers, hot plate stirrers, incubators, magnetic stir bars, ovens, rotary evaporators, shakers, stirrers,… More

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Metrohm Singapore, a subsidiary of Metrohm Group, serves as a regional support centre of Asia. We provide the following process analytical products & solutions: Titration: Acidity, alkalinity, water content in hydrocarbon, mercaptans, hydrogen sulphide… More

Sintech Scientific Promotes Mitsubishi Chemical Analytech CA-310, High Spec & Performance Karl Fischer Moisture Meter Convertible between coulometric and volumetric measurements, up to 4 channels simultaneously. Comply to official analytical methods… More