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Refractories are materials that are physically and chemically stable despite high temperatures. They can be thermal shock resistant, chemically inert, or possess thermal conductivity and expansion of precise ranges. Refractories are heat resistant materials that make up the lining for high temperature units like furnaces, kilns and reactors. A refractory must be resistant and physically stable when… More

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Refractory material is a heat resistant, and non-metallic substance that is suitable for use at high temperature in engineering and furnace construction industries which include boiler, cremator, shipbuilding, refinery and many more related industries.… More

Specialist contractors & stockists for thermal insulation, thermal protection systems, refractory and acid-proof/chemical-resistant linings. Other services provided include asbestos removal/abatement, fabrication and installation of glass fabric bellows… More

Kaoson Integrated Engineering Pte Ltd is an Engineering Support Service Provider providing a One-Stop Integrated Engineering Service in Scaffolding, Corrosion Protection (Surface Preparation, Grit Blasting & Painting and Specialised Coatings), Thermal… More

Thermal insulation, refractory, asbestos removal work. Plant construction,maintenance. Member of ASPRI