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Uniforms are outfits worn by members or workers of an organisation. They are standardised outfits mostly for the purpose of identifying and unifying members of various organisations, and also providing a homogenised appearance, while perpetuating branding and standardising corporate image. However, they serve an extra purpose in industries. Uniforms are important in many industries for safety reasons.… More


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Our workwear garments present to you a functional durable work protection solutions at the economical price. Using only 100% natural cotton fibers , our workwear offers the most comfort for your every needs in the most demanding environments. These versatile… More

Established in 1970, Yong Fah International (YFI) is a Singapore-based manufacturer of the ULTIMA ® brand of coveralls known for their pre-shrunk technology, long-lasting durability and superior comfort. Besides specialising in safety and professional… More