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Water Jetting

Water jetting is a highly versatile industrial process which uses extremely high-pressured streams (or jets) of water to do a variety of tasks (depending on modifications), including cleaning and removing debris and other build up on many surfaces including pipes, surface preparation, tube internal lancing, and even precision cutting. Water jetting is an environmentally far superior way of tackling… More

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CR Asia – Your Reliable Partner CR Asia is a specialized maintenance contractor to the Oil, Gas, Refining, Chemical, Power and other asset-intensive industries. Established in 1991, with strategically located operating entities in Singapore, Malaysia,… More

Petracarbon's Oil & Gas Division has engaged in over two decades of quality leak-free joint engineering management to Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Marine and Shipyard Industries, under the ISO 9001:2015 certification. Services also encompass… More

JEBS Process Engineering Pte Ltd specialises in Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water jetting cleaning services. We also utilise robotic water jetting system to automate the corrosion prevention process. Our Products and Services: • Robotic surface preparation… More