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Water Pressure Cleaning

Hydroblasting services include immensely high pressured water blasters designed and created specially for flushing and clearing or sewers, pipes and drain lines; clearing of docks, hulls, storage tanks and ballast, for cylinder covers, liners and heads, piston crowns, turbochargers and engine blocks etc; clearing of condensers, tube bundles, boiler tubes and heat exchangers etc. Services also include… More

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Chemical, oil refineries & petrochemical industries - Boilers & economisers - Feed water system - Tanks - Reactors & towers - Process & product line - Heat exchangers More



We provide industrial cleaning services by employing advanced cleaning technologies.

We are Singapore's Leading Integrated Mechanical Engineering Service Provider for the Process Industries. We are a ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 & bizSAFE Star certified company with numerous safety awards. Specialising in: • Supply of Materials •… More

JEBS Process Engineering Pte Ltd specialises in Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water jetting cleaning services. We also utilise robotic water jetting system to automate the corrosion prevention process. Our Products and Services: • Robotic surface preparation… More

Maintenance, sale of pressure jetting equipment, fixed equipment, vessel/tank cleaning, rotating equipment, pressure jetting. Member of ASPRI

Manufacture of soap, detergents, washing and other cleaning preparations. Member of ASPRI