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CRN/UEN: 198402313N

4 Soon Lee Road
Jurong Town
Singapore 628071

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Mr Andrew Koh, Managing Director
Email: andrewkoh@ematco.com
Mr Leonard Koh, Director - Strategic Planning
Email: leonardkoh@ematco.com

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Nature of Business

Established in 1984, Ematco Industrial Pte Ltd is the leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of thermal insulation & building products, metal jacketing, accessories and hardware products. Ematco supplies quality products meeting stringent specifications of local and overseas clientele.

Ematco also produces precision-engineered cut products prefabricated in advanced to aid in cost-effective time-saving installations for clients.

Ematco maintains a high level of service quality and has received accreditation from International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).

Ematco represents a wide range of high quality thermal insulation material manufacturers from USA, Europe, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan and China, and supply to local market and countries in the ASEAN region.

Our main product range include Pittsburgh Corning Foamglas, high load bearing (HLB) Foamglas Block, Rockwool/Stonewool, Kingspan Tarec Phenolic, BASF Polyurethane and PIR, High Density PU Supports, Fibreglass, Ceramic Fibre, Calcium Silicate, Perlite, Fyrewrap Blanket, Polyguard, Aerogel, Armaflex Rubber Tubing, Foster Mastics and Sealants, Aluminium/Mylar Foil and Tape, Ceramic Fibre Braided Rope and Insulation Accessories.

Our prefabrication competencies include precision-cut engineered head, prefabricated pipe sectionals, multi-segment elbows, flanges, tees and reducers, insulation with removable covers, fittings and coatings, removable insulation mattresses, high density pipe supports with clamps, insulation support rings, jacketing for dome heads and elbows, and other custom-made products.

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