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CRN/UEN: 199307318M

19 Tuas South Street 1
Singapore 638066

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Mr Roger Tiah, General Manager
Mobile: (65) 9238 8517
Email: rogertiah@flakecoat.com
Mr Dominic Tan, Senior Engineer
Mobile: (65) 9763 6220
Email: dominic@flakecoat.com


Nature of Business

Surface Protection Specialist

Established in 1993 to design, manufacture and apply Glassflake reinforced coatings and linings for the protection and refurbishment of various equipment in the following:
– Petrochemical
– Process
– Refining
Offering successful solutions, technical support and engineering services for complex corrosion problems.

• Products
– Glassflake Reinforced coatings and linings
– Ceramic Reinforced coating and lining
– Epoxy Polymer coatings and linings
– Fibre reinforced linings
– Urethane based rubber coatings and linings

• Montipower
  Absolutely Gründlich
Discover the power of our specialistic powertools. Innovative solutions for blasting without grit. Onshore and offshore. Testing, removing, cleaning, profiling. Innovative blasting technology that ensures the best possible bond.
Absolutely Gründlich for longterm sustainable protection of your assets.
MontiPower®, preparation from scratch!

Bristle Blaster® Range
– Electric
– Electric double
– Cordless
– Pneumatic
– Axial

MBX® Range
– Electric
– Axial
– Pneumatic
– Pneumatic Heavy Duty
– Vinylzapper® Electric
– Vinylzapper® Pneumatic

Belts Bristle Blaster®

– Prepper®Q4
– Prepper®Q10
– Subsea Bristle Blaster®

Member of ASPRI