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CRN/UEN: 201601559R

10 Buroh Street
#02-05 West Connect Building
Singapore 627564

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Mr V Baskaran, Technical Director
Mobile: (65) 9850 1296
Email: baskaran@worldscaneng.com.sg


Nature of Business

WORLDSCAN Engineering Pte Ltd was established in January, 2016 offering contract services for industrial piping, steel fabrication & erection, installation of equipment for oil refineries, petrochemical, industrial plants, building constructions, NDT and most recently the pharmaceutical industry.

Our Services - NDT Services
• Ultrasonic Testing
• Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging Testing
• Ferrite Testing
• Holiday Testing
• Radiography Testing
• Magnetic Particle Testing
• Dye Penetrant Testing
• Hardness Testing
• Visual Testing

Advance NDT Services
• Positive Material Identification
• Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing
• Time of Flight Diffraction
• Tube Inspection (IRIS, RFET, ECI, RVI)
• Remote Visual Inspection
• Tank Inspection

Heat Treatment
• Pre Weld Heat Treatment Services
• Post Weld Heat Treatment Services

Other Services
• Fabrication and Install of Piping and Structural
• Civil Works
• Alignment and Leveling of Rotating Equipment
• Fabrication & Installation of Fire Water System
• Plant Maintenance and Turnaround Maintenance
• Marine Inspections
• Onshore & Offshore Inspection
• Training & Certifications NDT Personnel
• Level III Services
• Welding Inspection
• Welder Performance Qualification Test
• Welding Procedure Qualification Test