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Chemical Cleaning - Industrial

Specialists in industrial cleaning services perform 1) Pre-operational & post-operational chemical cleaning for boilers, refineries and petrochemical plants, 2)Decontamination services for refineries and chemical process plants , 3) Turbines and condenser foam cleansing, 4) Hydraulic & lube oil flushing.

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To meet the growing demand, we are offering cleaning services that safeguard our prudent safety measures and technology in place. After meticulous groundwork with the provision of adequate safety training, JECS offers various tank-cleaning procedures… More

Catalyst Dump/Load, Chemical Cleaning (Industrial), Bolt Tensioning/Torqueing, Plant Maintenance, Pressure Jetting, Rotating Equipment, Shop Fabrication, Sludge Treatment, Vessel/Tank Cleaning, CR Decoking & Pigging, Mecury Management Services, Offshore… More

We specialised in: • Specialised Industrial Services   - Storage Tank Cleaning (Conventional or Manless / Robotic)   - Sump Pit Cleaning   - Heat Exchanger Cleaning   - Pipeline Cleaning   - Cooling Tower Cleaning   - Catalyst Tower Hydrojetting… More