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Pipe Line Equipment

A pipeline is a line of pipes equipped with valves and pumps together with control devices for the movement of gases, liquids and slurries. The size of a pipeline can vary from 5cm in diameter used in oil well gathering systems to 9m in diameter for immense water and sewage networks. Pipelines are usually assembled using sections of piping that are made of metal although some are constructed using… More

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Tofle Japan Stainless steel expansion joints are commonly used in many industrial and commercial applications to solve pipe motion problems. They are designed to alleviate piping stress, noise and vibration. Stainless steel expansion joints also permit… More



Pipeline Pigging Products is a manufacturer of internal pipeline cleaners referred to in the trade as "Poly Pigs". Constructed of flexible open cell polyurethane foam and various external wrappings, Poly Pigs have the ability to negotiate short radius… More

Founded in 1974, we have grown to be a leading distributor in hoses and couplings. At its core, Wah Joo Seng provides customised fluid transfer solutions, including products and services. Over the years, we have gained recognition for our products and… More