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Cindy Koh
Director, Energy & Chemicals Cluster, JTC
 A SPRI plays a significant role in advancing the interests of the PCM sector, through fostering close collaboration between its members, government, and plant owners. This year, ASPRI is celebrating its 25th Anniversary and I would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the association, and also express our appreciation for ASPRI’s commitment in supporting the sector’s growth and transformation amid Singapore’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. I am heartened to see that ASPRI has emerged stronger than
ASPRI continues to be a valuable partner in our efforts to reinforce Jurong Island’s competitiveness as a global energy and chemicals hub. As we transform Jurong Island into a sustainable energy and chemicals hub, ASPRI plays an important role in invigorating
the industry. We are encouraged by ASPRI’s support for the Jurong Island Innovation Challenge (JIIC), which saw its members putting forth their expertise in engineering and construction to develop and pitch sustainability solutions with technology providers and address plant owners’ challenge statements.
Moving forward, we will continue to collaborate with ASPRI on its members’ sustainability journeys and facilitate closer partnerships with technology enablers and Institutes of Higher Learning to foster technology adoption, digitalisation, and develop a pipeline of local talent, so that the PCM sector can remain future-ready in the next 25 years and more.
We look forward to deepening our partnership with ASPRI and seeing the PCM sector’s continued growth in the years ahead.
 Cindy Koh

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