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 As the ability to measure is key to any improvement, the workgroups have developed two project productivity tools which plant owners and PCM contractors can utilise to determine how their existing activities and practices can be made more efficient.
Activity Analysis (AA) seeks to measure the amount of time workers spent on actual construction such as tool time, wench time and direct work hours and which are the areas in need of improvement, while the Best Productivity Practices Implementation Index (BPPII) measures the implementation level of practices that have the potential to improve craft productivity score in construction projects, maintenance activities and shutdowns/turnarounds.
The Productivity Council also developed the Productivity Certification Framework (PCF) to serve as the industry’s yardstick for productivity and provide a measured approach to track and benchmark productivity efforts and improvements. Under the framework, which was unveiled at the Productivity Improvement Forum on 13 November 2019, PCM companies are to be evaluated in four areas – improvements in planning and execution via project management tools, technology adoption, staff development, and how well they collect data that can be analysed.
Rotary, one of the big six PCM companies piloting it, has given the PCF its unequivocal vote of approval. “The Productivity Certification Framework is part of the Productivity Council’s initiative to track and benchmark productivity efforts. Our Chairman of the Rotary Group of Companies is the Vice-Chair of the Productivity Council and we are very much involved in the various workgroups for the process industry in the Productivity Council,” said Ian Choo, Chief Operating Officer of Rotary Engineering.
“Yes, I will recommend the PCF to our fellow PCM Contractors because the whole
objective is to truncate down the importance of productivity, the importance of productive solutions to the industry so that everyone takes note of them and adopts them. Certification is one way to move the industry in this direction,” he added.
A key player in tank construction and maintenance, Rotary sets high expectations in SQP - safety, quality and productivity. “Obviously we cannot compromise on safety and quality in our work, whether it’s construction or maintenance. Safety and quality - it is a given expectation that we need to uphold. In the productivity front, we have done a lot of improvements in terms of mechanisation, automation and innovative productivity improvement. From our learning experience in construction, we apply it to tank maintenance and that’s how we are able to propose to our clients’ customised solutions to be able to repair and refurbish their tanks in as short a time as possible. To them time is money,” Mr Choo remarked.
Following the successful pilot, the framework is being rolled out to the rest of the PCM sector.
Enduring leadership
In the course of 25 years, ASPRI has had only seven presidents. In the initial years, the presidency was changed either annually or biennially by common agreement among the key founding members of ASPRI. Mr Frankie Tan was succeeded by Mr Chia Kim Piow, Mr Wong Peng and Mr Joseph Khow. That changed when Mr James Goh assumed leadership. He was President for eight years while his successor, Mr Charles Quek, was at the helm for 10 years. Current President Mr Danny Chua succeeded Mr Quek in July 2022.
Mr Goh shared, “During the first two years, I was able to spend much time with the Secretariat team to oversee many initiatives with government agencies and sit in many committees to network with other trade associations and institutions, as I was running a small business for which I was the sole owner.”
One of his first tasks was to develop the Secretariat and mobilise its membership. As Mr Quek, who was part of the Executive Council (EC), recalled, “I remember being in James’ team at that time, one of our focuses was to build a strong Secretariat to be able to get our
   ASPRI Presidents 1997-2022
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 Mr Frankie Tan
Mr Chia Kim Piow
Mr Wong Peng
Mr Joseph Khow
Mr James Goh
Mr Charles Quek
Mr Danny Chua
Hiap Seng Engineering Ltd
Rotary Engineering Pte Ltd
Falkor Engineering Services Pte Ltd
FRP Products Co. Pte Ltd
HSL Constructor Pte Ltd
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      CYC International Pte Ltd

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