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 members together, engaging members, trying to help our members as much as we could. As a new association, we had very good members’ support. We were trying very hard to make sure that we were relevant to their challenges, their concerns. I think over the years, our team and Chantal at that time, were able to get a lot of good rapport, we were able to help our members address their issues and engage with the authorities. We did a lot of government advocacy.
“If you ask me from than till now, what has happened? A few key things have evolved over the years. Today, we have a very competent, very stable Secretariat. Actually, for the past few years, my life has been much easier with an effective Secretariat team in place.”
Their lengthy stay was unplanned. “Charles and myself, in that position for such a long duration was unintentional, but we had enjoyed our contributions so much, especially with a STRONG team involving fellow council members and Secretariat staff,” said Mr Goh.
The stability of ASPRI’s leadership has made a significant difference in the Association’s development and helped to foster strong ties with its key partners. “James and myself, collectively we have 18 years between both of us. There’s that consistency of what we wanted to do, what we wanted to achieve. Because they see the same people, whatever relationship they built can be sustained,” Mr Quek observed.
The Association also benefitted from the wise counsel of two advisors – Mr Chan Soo
Sen, 2006-2008, followed by Mr Lee Yi Shyan, 2009-2018. Both were government ministers. Mr Chan was then the Minister of State for Education and Trade & Industry while Mr Lee was then Minister of State for Trade & Industry.
Their appointment underscored the government’s interest in the Association’s wellbeing. Having committed billions to building up the chemical and energy industry as well as pharmaceuticals, the government had every reason to ensure all parties within the eco-system operated in sync for the good of the industries. As the PCM sector was the weakest link, it had to level up to provide essential support to the oil majors and pharmaceutical giants based here. Government’s interest in ASPRI and the PCM sector has endured till today.

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