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29 September 2021, Wednesday
D ue to the Covid-19 pandemic, many are the positive stress and negative stress.
of our well-beings are affected
which may lead to stress and anxiety especially for our migrant workers. Many of these stress are caused by work, health or even from their families back home where they have no one to turn to or not knowing how they could manage it.
As such, ASPRI is grateful to have collaborated with Wong Fong Academy to organise a Stress Management Webinar to educate and raise awareness to our migrant workers on the different ways on how to manage stress.
Ms. Shoba Krishnan was the speaker during the webinar. She is currently a lecturer in a private hotel and tourism school. She is also doing trainings in various aspects and job scope with her psychology background.
Ms. Shoba opened the webinar by giving an overview of what exactly is stress. She further shared that there are two types of stress, which
Positive stress are good stress such as starting a new job or even taking a vaccination while negative stress are bad stress that are caused by overworking or due to stress-related tension built up from losing someone or having busy work schedules.
Ms. Shoba also shared various ways on how stress can be managed such as by meditating, focusing on the good things, or even spending more time with positive people. She also encouraged the audience to fill up the Stress Reduction Plan whenever one is feeling stress to help them manage their stress better.
The National Care hotline (1800-202- 6868) was also shared with the participants if they needed someone to talk to about any issues they are facing and is impacting their personal and family lives.
We would like to thank Wong Fong Academy, Ms. Shoba and all our participants for making this an enjoyable and engaging evening.

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