A comprehensive compilation of companies in the process and chemicals industries and their supporting industries.


Message by Chairman, WSH Council (Chemical Industries) Committee

1143_1The Association of Process Industry (ASPRI) is a pivotal partner of Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council in collaborative efforts to raise WSH performance of the process construction and maintenance (PCM) industry. ASPRI has been contributing actively to the efforts of WSH Council (Chemical Industries) Committee, providing valuable insights and introducing initiatives to strengthen the WSH culture and capabilities of PCM companies.

This year, a group of Jurong Island companies have rallied together to drive Vision Zero Movement on Jurong Island. ASPRI plays a key role in rallying this group of companies, together with SCIC, MOM and WSH Council. The group shares a common belief that all injuries and ill health can be prevented and much more can be achieved when all companies on Jurong Island share the same mind-set and core WSH values. Jurong Island can be a safer and healthier workplace, not just for full-time employees, but also employees of the PCM industry.

To turn Vision Zero into reality, senior management must lead by example. When senior management demonstrate care for their employees’ safety, health and wellbeing through visible and active support, it will foster trust between senior management and employees. This will in turn, spur greater awareness and efforts from employees in ensuring a safer and healthier workplace for everyone.

On behalf of WSH Council, please accept our commendations on the successful publication of the 2018/2019 edition of the Directory of Singapore Process and Chemicals Industries. ASPRI has put in admirable WSH efforts for the PCM industry, and I urge you to never stop because Vision Zero is not a destination but a journey. May ASPRI and WSH Council continue to enjoy many more years of fruitful collaboration.

Karthikeyan s/o R. Krishnamurthy
Chairman, WSH Council (Chemical Industries) Committee