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Message by President, Association of Process Industry

1135_1Our industry has reached a watershed year when we have to make a strong commitment to transform the way we do business on two fronts.

Improving productivity: The Next Lap
Firstly, we have completed the three-year Productivity Improvement Project with the Construction Industry Institute (CII). It has enabled us to better comprehend where we stand in productivity, and how we can raise it to a higher level.

Going forward, it is important for members to begin the productivity journey by familiarising themselves with and adopting the various assessment tools that have been made available to them.

Embarking on a digitisation journey
Secondly, the association has started on its digitalisation journey in line with proposals under the Industry Transformation MAP (ITM) for the Energy and Chemicals Cluster. ASPRI has joined four other tenants in the Trade Association Hub to participate in an enhanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, registration and payment for events could be made online, to help increase members’ productivity and service efficiency.

ASPRI will continue to work with various industry partners, such as A*Star’s SIMTech, to explore technologies suitable for adoption in our sector to support members in their automation and digitalisation effort. The association is also connecting with other Trade Associations and Chambers (TACs) such as SGTech and the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCCI) to explore new technologies which could be implemented industry wide and help streamline work processes for higher productivity.

Optimising resources
Besides improving productivity and changing the way we conduct our business, ASPRI is working closely with JTC to explore improving the infrastructure of Jurong Island and optimise our resources to help members become more efficient and competitive as well.

Training framework for supervisory talent
Another area very close to our hearts and continues to pump our adrenalin is people training. ASPRI-IPI has managed to clock more than 200,000 training hours, covering almost half of the PCM Foreign Workforce in the past year. We are also pleased to announce that approximately 1 in 5 of the trainees are Singaporean/PR, fulfilling our goal of outreaching to more locals in the industry. To upgrade our training facilities, ASPRI-IPI would be developing the very first 4-in-1 Training Skid; simulating a “live” plant and integrating practical training for 4 different skillsets. Our training arm is also working very closely with Singapore Polytechnic to develop a common industry framework to identify skills gaps to support the planning of training pathways for field supervisors and foremen. When the framework is in place, we can look forward to better training programmes for the advancement of supervisory talent that can help further facilitate the transformation of our industry.

Rolling out more WSQ skill set courses
Besides that, ASPRI-IPI is rolling out 8 additional skillsets for process workers under the Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) Framework before 2019. In the meantime, it has set its sights on achieving more than 400,000 hours of training annually through our integrated training centre located in the ASPRI-Westlite Dormitory – Papan.

In addition, to help our members’ management and mid-level staff acquire more soft skills and knowledge, we will continue to look at more seminars and workshops to support their professional enhancement needs.

Last but not least, our relationship with the government and its various agencies has never been better. We look forward to working more closely with them for the advocacy of industry issues affecting our members for the future prosperity of the process supporting sector.

I would like to record my appreciation to industry partners and those involved in the aforementioned initiatives and programmes for their support and hard work. I look forward to their continued contribution in the years ahead.

My colleagues and I in the ASPRI Executive Council, as well as the staff, remain committed to help members transform and prepare for Industry 4.0.

Thank you.

Charles Quek
President, Association of Process Industry